Akoya Biosciences Deploys the MaxFuse Algorithm Co-Developed by Dr. Garry Nolan and His Laboratory at Stanford University for Multiomic Integration of Spatial and Single-cell Data on the Enable Medicine Platform

January 7, 2024

MaxFuse enables matching and integration of datasets from spatial proteomics, spatial transcriptomics, single-cell sequencing, or other modalities

Development and application of MaxFuse were described in two recent Nature publications

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Akoya Biosciences, Inc., (NASDAQ: AKYA), The Spatial Biology Company®, in collaboration with Enable Medicine, a leading provider of AI-powered biological insights, announces the availability of MaxFuse, an advanced algorithm co-developed in the laboratory of Dr. Garry Nolan for integrating multiomic single-cell and spatial datasets*. Dr. Nolan is a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Akoya Biosciences.

Recent technology advancements have enabled analyses of the proteome, metabolome, transcriptome, and epigenome both spatially and at the single-cell level. However, the ability to integrate the data from these diverse modalities and platforms is challenging. The MaxFuse algorithm from Dr. Nolan was developed to overcome these limitations and provides a reliable, fast, cost-effective, and scientifically powerful means to integrate spatial proteomic data with single-cell transcriptomic and epigenomic data sets.

The development, co-developers, and applications of MaxFuse were described in recent Nature and Nature Biotechnology publications:

“MaxFuse was developed to address the challenge and opportunity to deliver an algorithmic solution to link multimodal and multiomic datasets,” said Garry Nolan, whose laboratory co-developed MaxFuse. “MaxFuse represents a significant advancement in the analytics capabilities needed to maximize the value of data derived from spatial and single-cell technologies. The relationships that can be revealed by AI and reinforced learning when incorporated into tools such as MaxFuse can enable scientists to maximize the value of both new and historical data sets, contributing to the acceleration of the pace of discoveries derived from these technologies.”

Akoya’s customers can access MaxFuse through the Enable Medicine AI-Cloud Platform.

“Our partnership with Akoya and Dr. Nolan continues to advance in generating new and exciting tools for spatial biology analysis,” said Aaron Mayer, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Enable Medicine. “MaxFuse will help generate powerful data by connecting diverse data-generating modalities, supporting the acceleration of discoveries and the progress towards clinical application.”

A two-part webinar series featuring Garry Nolan and Aaron Mayer entitled "AI-Powered Tissue Atlas: Fusing Single-cell Genomics and Spatial Proteomics with MaxFuse" will be hosted by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) on February 26th and March 8th, 2024.

* MaxFuse was developed in collaboration with the laboratories of Nancy Zhang and Zongming Ma at the University of Pennsylvania.

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